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Hi, I'm Carl the host of this site, I was born and raised in northern Indiana and have spent much of my life here. I have been doing in genealogy for over thirty years, and I am still learning and feel I have a lot to learn. I am a member of the Society of the Descendants of Washington Army at Valley Forge, also a member and a past chapter president the Son of the American Revolution. When at home you will usually find me in front of the computer looking for dead relations and communicating with the living ones. Carl Rhodes

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Some of my Wife's and I's relatives:
  • Descendants of William & Susannah Rhodes
  • Pedigree of Arnold James Rhodes
  • Pedigree of Sadie Winifred Hattery
  • Descendants of Hans Graf
  • Pedigree of Howard Frank Grove
  • Pedigree of Donna Rose(Baugher) Grove